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A one-stop-shop for purchasing a new vehicle, and managing its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time. EVA recommends the best make and model for individual lifestyles, provides point-of-purchase financing, arranges test drives, accelerates purchase paperwork digitally, and continues to support drivers with customized TCO calculations, maintenance count-downs and options, carbon footprint tracking, and optimized route planning, among others.

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For more than 100 years, AAA has been a part of the American motoring scene. Commitment to public safety and freedom of mobility guided AAA’s involvement in transportation-related issues. Today, AAA members enjoy a full spectrum of benefits including Roadside Assistance, travel planning, member discounts, insurance services, and more.

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1910 to the 1920s

The Maine Automobile Association (MAA) was founded in 1910 and joined AAA in 1914. Though car owners were few in Maine, the state was a destination for traveler’s, and MAA’s first notable contribution was a guidebook for residents and visitors alike. The famous Maine Automobile Road Book and Pine Tree Tour was first issued in 1912. One of the organisation’s founders, George Taylor Files, traveled throughout Europe to study the services provided by motor clubs. One of his recommendations helped shape AAA’s Approved Accommodations program, which began in 1926.

1970s to the present

MAA enjoyed substantial growth in the 1970s and 1980s, setting the stage for expansion into other states. The Maine club merged with AAA Vermont in 1995 and purchased AAA New Hampshire in 1996 to become AAA Northern New England.

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